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Teen Dentistry Services

At Jenkins Dentistry for Kids, we strive to create the best dental experience for your children, which includes your teens! As your child transitions from the “pediatric” years into pre-teens, they’ve probably reached the point where they have a complete set of permanent teeth.

With the development of permanent teeth and teenage independence comes a new set of concerns and challenges with oral health. We’ve grown our team of experts to include a general dentist, bringing your teenager a more comprehensive dental experience specific to their growing needs.

By giving your family access to pediatric and general dentists in one location, we can provide your family with more options, flexibility, and expanded knowledge. Our team is trained to help adolescents care for their teeth while respecting their  increased independence. This includes education on the importance of routine dental visits, re-teaching how to brush and floss properly (including tips for braces), and practicing good oral hygiene habits.

Dental Tips for Teens


Continue Brushing Routine

Teens are always on the go and keeping them in a routine can be hard! Encourage your teen to keep up with a brushing routine twice a day. Provide them with extra toothbrushes they can carry with them to brush when it’s convenient for them!


Floss Daily

Once we have established a dental routine for your family, be sure to schedule your child’s regular cleaning and check-up every six months!


Snack Healthy

Encourage your teen to continue to snack healthy! As a teenager, they will have more opportunity to veg out on snack food, remind them the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and help them to make healthy snacking choices.

Tooth With Lock

Practice Good Dental Safety

Avoid dental trauma and injuries with mouth guards. Mouth guards should be encouraged with high-octane sports like soccer, basketball, and football.


Keep Up With Bi-Annual Visits to the Dentist

Once we have established a dental routine for your family, be sure to schedule your child’s regular cleaning and check-up every six months!


Provide Education for Teen Related Concerns

It will likely be difficult to control your teen’s lifestyle choices - you and your teen may discover concerns specific to the decisions they will make. Concerns like smoking, piercings, and unhealthy diet can be detrimental to your teen’s oral health.

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A Healthy Happy Smile for Life

Once we have established a dental routine for your family, be sure to schedule your child’s regular check up to maintain a healthy smile for life!

Why Teens Love Jenkins Dentistry for Kids

Our team is committed to creating an environment that educates and empowers your teen to take ownership of their dental health. Our offices are designed to ensure that your child’s appointment creates a positive dental experience from start to finish.

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Benefits of Jenkins Dentistry for Teens

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