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Our Philosophy

Our Shawnee and Lenexa dental practices are purposefully designed to provide your family with a positive dental experience. Our teamwork and innovative processes mean we strive to create an experience that is seamless and efficient. We are passionate about cultivating our team’s talent and providing the highest level of dental care to your family.

We offer a robust educational program to ensure that you, as a parent, have access to the tools you need to successfully reinforce positive dental behaviors at home. We work with you to create a partnership that both empowers and supports the desired dental care outcomes for you and your child.

Words We Use With Words

Why Kids Love Jenkins Dentistry for Kids

Our team is committed to creating an environment that comforts and enriches your child’s dental health. Our offices are designed to ensure that your child’s appointment creates a positive dental experience from start to finish. 

Your family will be greeted with a smile from our front office team, and our clinical staff and associates use special terms to encourage and explain our preventative and treatment processes to your child. 

Make an Appointment

We are always excited to welcome new patients!

To request an appointment at either of our convenient locations, please click the “schedule” button below, or give us a call:

Shawnee: 913.745.2500  |  Lenexa: 913.270.4220

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