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We Love Hearing From Our Patients

At Jenkins Dentistry for Kids, we know your child’s experience at the dental office can have a life-changing impact on their dental care and habits. Between our board-certified dentists and team of highly skilled and trained dental hygienists, we hope to provide your family with the best possible dental experience.

We encourage our patients to provide our team with honest feedback to continue to learn and grow as a practice. We are committed to providing the best dental experience with exceptional and expert care.

“My kiddos love to visit Dr. Jenkins. She is the best. The hygienists are also very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Jenkins and her assistants love to keep themselves updated with what’s going on with our family. You are not just a patient to them, and they make you feel welcome and special all the time. We are blessed to receive the caring treatment of Dr. Jenkins and her team.”

“My 12-year-old grandson had his 6-month check up recently, and we are always very pleased with the doctors and staff at Jenkins Dentistry for Kids. They are always kind and patient, and explain everything to the children. They have good procedures in place to keep us safe during this time of Covid.”

“Dr. Gandhi was kind and patient and sent a wonderful hygienist to talk to my son and calm him down for his procedure… It was not easy for him, but the same hygienist helped work through his concerns and anxieties step by step. The other assistant and Dr. Gandhi were able to walk him through the procedures while reassuring him. He left feeling good about the experience. I would absolutely recommend this practice and both Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Gandhi without reservation to anyone whose child struggles with dental visits.”

“Dr. Jenkins and her staff are amazing! They are positive, friendly, and professional. My kids always have positive experiences with their dental visits. Dr. Jenkins makes them feel like they are her most important patients. She has been a miracle worker for our daughter with special needs who had major anxiety seeing the dentist when she was younger. We would highly recommend her office for anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.”

“Dr. Jill and her staff are amazing! Our hygienist was so patient with my kids, especially with my child that is really nervous about having her teeth cleaned. Dr. Jill was so encouraging, and by the time we left the office, my child wanted to be a dentist. Thank you so much for being so attentive to kids and their needs!”

“Dr. Casa met my son when he was 2 yrs old. They clicked immediately and were so excited when we were able to find her again after we had to change dentists for a while. She is so kind and gentle. He talked about nothing but his favorite doctor for a week before we went. She is really knowledgeable and was kind enough to answer all my questions. I’ve seen my share of pediatric dentists with seven children, and Dr. Casa is the best I’ve ever worked with. We will continue to go see her as long as we are able.”

“Dr. Jenkins has been my children’s dentist for 12+ years. We trust her completely. Her ability to put kids at ease is remarkable. She patiently worked to earn my daughter’s trust when she was very young. That’s no small feat as she suffers from clinical anxiety. We appreciate that Dr. Jenkins recognizes us and makes us feel important and valued every time we see her.”

“Dr. Jenkins and her staff have done a tremendous job making my young child perfectly comfortable with all of his procedures. Her treatment decisions are always well explained, and we appreciate that her choices have the long-term dental health in mind instead of a quick fix.”

“They did all that was possible to create a safe environment for my son. I can’t share how much we appreciate the accommodations they made for my son today. The experience with the staff is professional, and they are all so kind and concerned. My son absolutely loves to come to the dentist because of the staff and Dr. Jenkins. We especially enjoyed the dental assistants who helped our son today; they are also kind and concerned about my son. Dr. Jenkins is always such a gem, providing as much time as we need with her”

“The dental assistant and dental hygienist were thorough but efficient. Everything moved along like a well-oiled machine.  Dr. Casa was professional and focused, I trusted her immediately. The procedure was so swift and painless for our daughter. The ice cream and gold coin at the end really made the experience fun and memorable for our daughter. Thank you for really listening to parents and treating children with dignity and respect even when (especially when) they’re put in new situations. ”

“I totally appreciate Dr. Gandhi’s approach to care. She spends the time to explain to both me and my son how the procedure is going to go and all the steps along the way. I had the occasion to follow up with her after the procedure. She was very kind, listened, and provided helpful information about my son’s reaction and options for alternatives next time. I found her empathetic, caring, and above all, interested in my son’s comfort and good future experiences.”

“I was so happy to find a place that specialized in dentistry for kids was women-led and covered by our insurance. The staff is very friendly, and everyone we encountered was good at explaining to both my daughter and me what the next steps were and what we could expect. I was feeling nervous about taking her to the dentist for the first time; however, based on this visit, I have no reason to feel nervous in the future. It was a wonderful experience! Thanks!”

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Once we have established a dental routine for your family, be sure to schedule your child’s regular check up to maintain a healthy smile for life!

Conveniently Located in Shawnee

Our Shawnee practice is purposefully designed to provide your family with a positive dental experience. Our teamwork and innovative processes mean we strive to create an experience that is seamless and efficient. We are passionate about cultivating our team’s talent and providing the highest level of dental care to your family.

Why Kids Love Jenkins Dentistry for Kids

Our team is committed to creating an environment that comforts and enriches your child’s dental health. Our office is designed to ensure that your child’s appointment creates a positive dental experience from start to finish.

Your family will be greeted with a smile from our front office team, and our clinical staff uses special terms to encourage and explain our preventative and treatment processes to your child.

Benefits of Jenkins Dental Care

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